Sunday, January 11

A personal note... from wine country!

To say my life has changed a lot since November would be quite an understatement. I grew up in sunny warm Orange County, CA. I grew up there, went to college there, fell in love there, started my career there and decided to move away from there. It was one of the most challenging decisions of my life, but I am so happy that I made that step. 

At the beginning of November, my boyfriend and I packed up a moving van and hit the road for a 515 mile move to St. Helena located in the heart of Napa Valley's wine country. I had an amazing job opportunity and Chris had some great leads. Leaving family and friends was incredibly hard. Luckily we moved somewhere that lots of people want to come visit! Not a bad place to live if i do say so myself! 

With love and plenty of wine,

Save the Tatas! (also my last event with Orange Coast Memorial)

I have to admit, this was not solely my event. In fact, it was mostly handled by the fabulous marketing team at Orange Coast Memorial. 24 Carrots handled all the details of this fabulously pink event to benefit the Orange Coast Memorial Breast Center. 

Like every event, the devil in the details. While this event was free to attend, guests had the opportunity to buy quilt squares that will be assembled into a quilt to be displayed at the Orange Coast Memorial Breast Center. This project was spear-headed by an inspirational 12 year old who has dealt with the pains of breast cancer. For most of her young life, she has watched her mother struggle with this horrible disease. She has pledged to raise $12,000  in a years time to support Orange Coast Memorial's Breast Center. In addition to selling quilt squares, pink plush robes were available for purchase with the proceeds supporting Orange Coast. 

From the pink drinks to desserts, florals and linens, there was not a single aspect that didn't have a touch of the iconic breast cancer color.  

With love, dedication and hard work we can all help to end this horrible disease and support the woman bravely battling it. 

Saturday, January 10

Gala 2014 a la Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

The Ritz- Carlton Laguna Niguel has always been known for elegance so I took a very minimalist approach to adding touches. At the end of the day, no matter how much detail or touches you add to an event- especially a gala, it is all about the cause. As a non-profit hospital, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center relies strongly on the support from our donors to be able to provide the most advanced technology possible to our patients.

I wanted to add a hint of nautical elements without going overboard with the cheesy anchors and sailboats. Simple elements like tying cocktail linens with a thick rope in a square knot and monkey fist rope balls held table numbers. The amazing Paradise Delight did centerpieces for us out of drift wood, succulents and a few votive candles.

As our VIP guests arrived, they were escorted to a private reception where they enjoyed high end wine, cheese and time with our hospital senior leadership. With a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and Southern California coastline, guests love the intimate setting. 

As the rest of our guests arrived, the VIP attendees joined the silent auction. We utilized the hybrid BidPal for our silent auction. Our silent auction proceeds exceeded goal by nearly $8,000.  

Guests entered the grand ballroom to music playing and salads pre-set. After the CEO welcomed guests, guests hit the dance floor. Planning the timeline for this event is always a challenge sine this group loves to dance. Event getting them off the dance floor to eat dinner is a challenge. 
Orange Coast Memorial Foundation has been very fortunate to have former NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl champion, Vince Ferragamo' support. This year, he donated his time to come and coach a practice for kids or a community league! Guests loved it! In fact he generously donated it twice! 

The most inspiration part of the evening is when as a staff member you can step back and appreciate every donor who steps up and gives a straight donation.

 A quick look at the best part of the dinner... DESSERT! 

Working with non-profits to host events that will benefit the community is such a blessing. To see this event grow over the last 3 years has been incredible.