Sunday, January 11

A personal note... from wine country!

To say my life has changed a lot since November would be quite an understatement. I grew up in sunny warm Orange County, CA. I grew up there, went to college there, fell in love there, started my career there and decided to move away from there. It was one of the most challenging decisions of my life, but I am so happy that I made that step. 

At the beginning of November, my boyfriend and I packed up a moving van and hit the road for a 515 mile move to St. Helena located in the heart of Napa Valley's wine country. I had an amazing job opportunity and Chris had some great leads. Leaving family and friends was incredibly hard. Luckily we moved somewhere that lots of people want to come visit! Not a bad place to live if i do say so myself! 

With love and plenty of wine,

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