Saturday, March 17

Orange County High School of the Arts, Gala 2011

As a senior at Chapman University, I needed ONE more unit to graduate. I thought about taking another class but then it occurred to me, why not find an internship, something I love to do. As a graduate from the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) I knew that their annual Gala was coming up and I figured it was worth seeing if I could work on Gala as my internship.

I walked into the office on the first day, and knew it was going to be a fun. I hit it off right away with their event planner, Lori Kij. I was told I would be focusing on the silent auction portion of the event. This is the first about hour and a half of the event.

The event was held March, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine.

The Silent Auction was held in a large tented space. Items, table tents and bidder sheets with pens lined the room with the "super silent" items in the center of the room.

Below are photos from the overall event:

A signature cocktail! - Always a must!

Center pieces that were also used through the silent auction tent.

The Grand Ballroom where guests enjoyed a meal and an incredible show put on by students and alumni from OCHSA.
Guests durring the Media Reception held in the Grand Ballroom before the start of the show and dinner

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these photos! It was an incredible event raising more than $800,000 for the students at OCHSA!!

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