Tuesday, July 23

Wine and Cheese

As I mentioned in my poker post, we are embarking on a huge $10 million dollar expansion of our Emergency Department. We will be doubling the square footage, creating fast track areas, private rooms and brand new technology. 

We hosted a 'Wine and Cheese' event the beautiful Huntington Beach Hyatt where we launched our new plans to community members and donors.  

We blew up our mock ups of the exteriors of the building as well as the interiors. We placed them on easels around the room for our guests to look at while they enjoy wine and artisan cheeses.  

We love the support that both Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley Fire departs have given us!

Keeping guests interested in the progress of the expansion of our Emergency Pavilion is vital to making it a success. Once we break ground, we will be hosting 'Hard Hat Tours' where guests will be able to get a real hands on experience of what the new Pavilion will actually entail. At this event, guests were able to sign-up for the first Hard Hat tours that we will be offering! 


I wanted to keep the atmosphere focused on the Emergency Pavilion and the need for this expansion in our community, so I used the ever popular IKEA frames and used a variety of statistics about Southern California Emergency Departments to highlight the need for our expansion.  

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